Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attention Celebrities....please stay out of politics

We have great bands and artist that do great movies and music then they have to screw it all up with what else...POLITICS. Speak out on helping people, voter drives, donating all that money you guys make to victims of tragedies. You got idiots like Sean Penn, Fernando Carrillo, Danny Glover supporting dictator Hugo Chavez. Then you got Carlos Santana wearing Che Guevarra shirts on TV and MANA doing political sermons at there concerts. Stop it already!!!! Then we have Ozomatli, who criticized the Bush administration about all sorts of things and now that same administration pays them to boost image of US abroad. Not a bad thing, but why Ozomatli. I guess Ozzy Osbourne was busy. Check out the CNN piece with Latino rock band Ozomatli.