Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mauricio!!

Novela actor Mauricio Islas is back with a new novela on the Telemundo network and according to him, he is also "starting a new life, and new relationship with God". This was the declarations at his birthday party at Baires Grill on South Beach, where many of his novela friends showed up. Among the guest, the beautiful actress from the novela Topacio, Grecia Colmenares, Ivonne Montero in a hot red dress, Geraldine Bazan, Cristina talk show producer Omar Fernandez, publicist Erwin Perez, Maria Cristina from Vanidades magazine, Alberto Tamargo, publisher of Eventos magazine, Lupita Ferrer, and 150 more partygoers. Singer Cristal dedicated a few songs to Mauricio Islas. Madre Luna star Gabriel Porras showed up with new love Sonya Smith and were unseperatable. Although the drinks flowed thanks to Finlandia vodka, one thing was missing...a birthday cake. No Cake!!!