Saturday, August 18, 2007

Magazine picks top sports Latino money earners $$$

Despite the scandals in his personal life, Alex Rodriguez still has money and is number #3 on the list of the first annual SI Latino (Sport Illustrated's Latino version) listing of top hispanic sport figures. The number #1 ranking goes to Oscar de la Hoya who raked in a whopping $55 million this year. Not only as boxer where he made a cool $25 million, but also as a promoter, The Golden Boy, also made $28 million for TV rights. Many players not only made money in the field sport they play in, but also in other business venture such as Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo (#4 on the list) who plays with AC Milian, but also co-owns a Formula 1 racing team with fellow Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi. St. Louis Cardinal's Albert Pujols (#8 on the list) made $15.5 million who also rakes in big bucks with his sports bar which is known as having a TV at every table. Pretty cool, huh?

Here is the complete list of per year earnings for 2007 published in SI Latino's August/September issue.

1-Oscar de la Hoya, boxing, $55 million
2-Ronaldinho, soccer, FC Barcelona, $32.7 million
3-Alex Rodriguez, baseball, NY Yankees, $28 million
4-Ronaldo, soccer, AC Milan, $20.7 million
5-Manny Ramirez, baseball, Boston Red Sox, $20.5 million
6-Alfonso Soriano, baseball, Chicago Cubs, $17.25 million
7-Juan Pablo Montoya, race car driver, NASCAR, $16 million
8-Albert Pujols, baseball, St.Louis Carninals, $15.5 million
9-Bobby Abreu, baseball, NY Yankees, $15.25 million
10-Carlos Delgado, baseball, NY Mets, $15 million
11-Pedro Martinez, baseball, NY Mets, $15 million
12-David Ortiz, baseball, Boston Red Sox, $14.5 million
13-Carlos Beltran, baseball, NY Mets, $14.5 million
14-Carlos Lee, baseball, Houston Astros, $14.3 million
15-Bartolo Colon, baseball, LA Angels, $14.25 million
16-Vlademir Guerrero, baseball, LA Angels, $14 million
17-Johan Santana, baseball, Minnesota Twins, $13.5 million
18-Rafael Furcal, baseball, LA Dodgers, $13.25 million
19-Aramis Ramirez, baseball, Chicago Cubs, $13.25 million
20-Carlos Zambrano, baseball, Chicago Cubs, $12.8 million
21-Javier Vazquez, baseball, Chicago White Sox, $12.65 million
22-Jorge Posada, baseball, NY Yankees, $12.5 million
23-Miguel Tejada, baseball, Baltimore Orioles, $12.25 million
24-Magglio Ordonez, baseball, Detroit Tigers, $12.25 million
25-Kakå, soccer, AC Milan, $12.1 million
26-Adrian Beltre, baseball, Seattle Mariners, $11.75 million
27-Ivan Rodriguez, baseball, Detroit Tigers, $11.25 million
28-Ruben Barrichello, race car driver, Formula 1, $11 million
29-Mariano Rivera, baseball, NY Yankees, $10.75 million
30-Emanuel Ginobili, basketball, San Antonio Spurs, $10.25 million