Thursday, August 30, 2007

Celebrity airlines and save the planet...Yeah right!

So what celebrities are flying private and who's not. We hear all this about saving planet earth and doing benefit concerts to raise money for something, meanwhile many celebrities don't practice what they preach. Here are some tidbits we found out about celebrities and private aviation. A chartered flight to NY from Miami could cost minimum $15,000. Overseas about $50,000 each way. Got money????

-Enrique Iglesias owns his plane.

-Ricky Martin just bought a plane within the last year.

-Julio Iglesias owns 3 planes and is in the business of chartering his planes to others.

-Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, do not own a plane. They rent all the time.

-Sofia Vergara has been flying private as of late since her rich boyfriend has provided a plane for her to go anywhere.

-Luis Miguel has been using the same old plane for the longest time and refuses to get another.

-Donald Trump owns a plane like a president of a country. The airplane has gold plated fixtures, flat screen tv's, fine art paintings, a bedroom, office, satellite TV and phone systems, shower. and what else a boardroom.(See photo below)