Friday, November 23, 2007

Thalia's new life on the internet

Thalia really knows how to keep herself in the public eye. She's a sweetheart that is more business woman than singer or actress. The fact is she loves to entertain eventhough we know in many cases fans are staged at various functions she attends. Beyond all that hoopla, Thalia runs an empire from clothing line, lingerie line, perfume, candy company through Hershey's, and other ventures. We also can't forget her new addition to her life, Sabrina Sakae aka Princesa Saki, which possibly included the sale of the first photos to Hola magazine. We're pretty sure the baby clothing line is not far behind. With all that said, now you can see her life, via her newly design website,, inspired by japanese art. In her new site you'll have links to Thalia's favorite charities, a blog by the artist, updated daily, and more photos and videos. Check out her new site
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