Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hit Telenovela 'La Otra' to be Released on DVD

Xenon Pictures and Televisa Home Entertainment via Lionsgate Home Entertainment, announced today the launch of the 2003 hit telenovela LA OTRA, winner of the 2003 TVyNovelas Award for Novela of the Year. With more than 12 hours of footage, this special 3-disc set features the best episodes of this runaway hit and will be available to audiences nationwide on DVD March 25th, 2008.
Yadhira Carrillo ("Te Sigo Amando", "Amarte es mi Pecado"), who outshone megastars Thalia, J.Lo and Salma Hayek at the 2004 Hispanic Youth Awards (Premios Juventud), stars in this must-see telenovela, embodying the dual role of Carlota and Cordelia. LA OTRA also stars the dazzling Juan Soler ("La Fea Mas Bella", "Apuesta por un Amor") alongside a supreme cast that includes Jacqueline Andere ("Peregrina", "Mi Destino Eres Tu"), Sergio Sendel ("Destilando Amor", "La Intrusa"), Alejandro Avila ("Piel de otono"), Mercedes Molto ("Nina ... amada mia"), and Manuel Ojeda (Romancing the Stone).

Carlota is the illegitimate daughter of Bernarda and a millionaire named Leopoldo, who left a fortune to Carlota and her half-sister, Eugenia. Bernarda tries to keep her daughters from marrying so that she can continue to live off of their inheritance. In spite of this, Carlota marries Dr. Alvaro Ibanez, while Eugenia is pregnant with the child of Leopoldo's deranged son, Roman.

Eugenia dies in childbirth, but Bernarda convinces Alvaro that it was Carlota who died. Devastated, he moves to the country to live with his father, where he meets Cordelia, identical in appearance to Carlota, but not in personality. Social-climbing Cordelia takes advantage of Alvaro's grief, and marries him for his wealth and position. Little does she know, however, that Carlota is not only very much alive, but that she wants her husband back!

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