Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Telemundo Decides "Mas Vale" Off The Air Than On!

Telemundo hasn't officially released a statement, but "Mas Vale Tarde" has been CANCELLED!!! Our own source at the network tell us "It seems it might be cancelled, but nothing official on behalf of the network." Our source did not fail to plug other shows that are "doing better in the ratings like 12 Corazones". One online gossip site also announced this morning the sad or happy news? Who know's.
The fact is that "Late Night" talk shows on spanish language TV hasn't worked out. Paul Rodriguez had a show on Univision a few years ago and it bombed. Alex Cambert has tried to do this late night thing twice and bombed. Paul Bouche, a favorite in Miami TV stations was also lured away from the local Miami market to do a show in Telemundo a few years ago and bombed. He now has another talk show in Miami on GENTV, but is rumored to be heading to the can as well. The King of TV, Don Francisco always wanted to be the Johnny Carson of spanish television and after many failed attempts has his talk show on the Univision network. We also can't forget Argentinian talk show host Susana Gimenez that was also introduced to US national market, with no success.
Venezuela's Viviana, was also a staple on Univision and was later moved to the networks cable station, Galavision. Major stars like Veronica Castro and Lorena Herrera tried shows as well. We really thought that Cambert would be the Jimmy Kimmel of spanish TV, that no matter how bad you are, they would keep you on air. Telemundo has decided to stop the bleeding.
Late night shows for spanish TV should be local, not national. It seems to work out better.