Tuesday, August 12, 2008

THIS JUST IN: Christian Castro to pay Valeria $15,000 a month plus...

Judge Jerald Bagley from the Miami Dade County Court has ruled the following in the nasty divorce of singer Christian Castro and Valeria Lieberman.
Check out some of the monies that Christian will have to come up with for Valeria. Please note this doesn't include child support. That court case is coming up.
-$15,000 monthly to Valeria. She was asking for $22,000
-$1,000 per month for clothing
-$600 for gas monthly
-the current house
-the SUV that is fully paid already
In the end, Christian will have to come up with $250,000 per year to maintain Valeria. Payments must begin September 1st. We're sure he'll have to come up with another $10,000 per month, per kid. That's our figure. Stay Tuned...