Wednesday, August 27, 2008

THIS JUST IN: Myrka Dellanos wants to return with husband, despite broken lip

Latin World Entertainment just release a press release on behalf of Myrka Dellanos stating the following:

Like many couples, we have been through one of those moments no one wants to happen. When they do happen, its one of those things to review of what trully happened. My husband and I, are totally focused and want this relationship to work out. Like believers, we expect to get through this with the help of God in this difficult process. We hope the media understands this situation and respect our privacy and our families. We thank you for all your prayers and best wishes. -Myrka Dellanos

Meanwhile, while this press release is being handed out to the media, the desperate 911 from Myrka has been released. Read below the transcript from August 8:

911: What is your name?
Myrka: Myrka
911: What happened Myrka?
Myrka: My husband had a domestic fight. He threatend my life, he broke a bunch of stuff here at the house, and he just left. I need someone to come here so I can make a report.
Myrka: I don't want them to do nothing to him, but I don't want him to come back here.
911: Does he have the keys to the house?
Myrka: He should have them, but he left them. When I went to his room with my daughter and her boyfriend, who helped me. All his family was picking up his things.
911: When he threatend you what did he say?
Myrka: I'm going to kill you bX#??#... I don't want to repeat it in front of my daughter.
911: Has he been drinking?
Myrka: yes
911: Does he have a gun?
Myrka: no, no
911: Do you think he was drunk?
Myrka: probably, but he left with his family
911: I understand that he could return, Correct?
Myrka: I'm leaving today. I just need to make a report, get a restraining order agaisnt him, change all the locks of my house tomorrow.
911: Ok we're sending an officer right away.

Meanwhile the police report had more details of the domestic abuse of 27 year old Ulysses Daniel Alonso on Myrka Dellanos.
-he threw her on the bed
-pushed her up agaisnt the wall
-broke her upper lip
-put his fist up to her mouth
-cut her resperation and couldn't breath.

After leaving the house he returned to a locked door, he jumped the gate and verbally abused her, as well as more physical pushing, before leaving the house again.
Scary to say the least. A court hearing is set for September 15th in Miami.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233