Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RADIO FIGHT: Shock jock Javier Ceriani vs. Barbie Simmons

Radio shock jock Javier Ceriani is on an on going battle with the former Sabado Gigante model Barbie Simmons. The premise: Barbie Simmons began her carreer doing morning traffic reports in a Miami local radio station and also as a model on Univision hit show Sabado Gigante. After two years, decides to leave her gigs and return to Argentina for what she says "for personal reason". While in Argentina, she did several interviews claiming that she co-hosted Sabado Gigante with Don Franciso and that she had a four hour daily radio show.

Fellow Argentinian Javier Ceriani, who knows both media markets in Miami and Buenos Aires, got access to the interviews and he cant believe how Barbie Simmons inflated her success to her fellow countrymen. In ZONA CERO radio show this morning, it went down like this:

Javier Ceriani: "How can you lie to your country, and tell people you had a radio show and co-hosted Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco...you did traffic reports and you were a model on the show"

Barbie Simmons: "Call it what you want, even if I did traffic reports on the radio, it was a daily job which I did with alot of honor and define it as you want, as a model I did co-present with Don Francisco as did other models...I can't believe that you being a fellow Argentinian are attacking me, when all I've done is struggled like you to have what I have."

Can't we all just get along?