Sunday, December 20, 2009

AXE and Celebrity Stylist Joey Nieves with Hair Styling Tips On How Guys Can Achieve Girl-Approved Hair for 2010

We have to admit, when we got the invite to this event, we weren't sure if we were targeted for bad hair.  After laughing a bit, we decided to head to the AXE salon in Doral, FL

The schmooze was connected with a celebrity stylist Joey Nieves.  Joey Nieves has worked with celebrities Daddy Yankee and Tito El Bambino.  Joey suggestions were "On How Guys Can Achieve Girl-Approved Hair for 2010".  What a way to start the year.

A recent survey by AXE of more than 2,000 girls finds that three in four (74%) say hair ranks among the first things they notice about a guy.

We arrived to the salon, enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and did video clips with our AXE Flip video while getting our hair washed with AXE products for men.

Our experience with the products were great, especially with our AXE "Clean and Control 2 in 1" shampoo and conditioner, which for having crazy hair, this product has tamed it.  Funny, but true!!!