Monday, March 29, 2010

'Selena: Her Life After Death'

In the early 90's, a Tejana singer took the music scene in Mexico and the U.S. by storm. Selena conquered audiences in both countries -- and numerous others -- with her charisma, voice, and musical talent.

After her tragic death, millions of admirers wanted to know more about this great artist. Cristina Castrellon, who maintained a very close relationship with the singer, has written "Selena: Su vida despues de su muerte" to present the intimate details of the entertainer's life. She also collaborated with a well-known psychic to interpret the messages that Selena sent to her loved ones and fans after her death.

While working as the publicity director of Representaciones Artisticas Apodaca in Mexico, Cristina first encountered Selena. Among the artists that Apodaca managed in 1992 were Bronco, Los Mier, and Los Baron. That same year, Apodaca received two cassettes, one of them contained the music of Selena and the Dinos. At this same time, Selena and her musicians arrived for their first promotional tour in Monterrey. When Cristina and Selena met, they bonded immediately. Their relationship always focused more on their close friendship than their work. Here, in this book, Cristina narrates the career of Selena the artist, but also the personal side of Selena: her fun-loving character and good-natured personality.

Cristina met Georgette Rivera at a presentation the psychic gave in Monterrey, Mexico. Cristina almost fainted when Georgette mentioned that she was being followed by the sprit of a young girl. As Georgette revealed more and more details about the girl, Cristina became convinced that the spirit was Selena -- particularly since Georgette was aware of things that only Selena and Cristina could possibly know. Finally, Cristina accepted the version of events described by Georgette about the day Selena died. In this book, Cristina presents all of Georgette's revelations, including six messages to Selena's closest friends and loved ones.

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