Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hot Cast for new Telemundo novela

Telemundo had a party for the new novela Pecados Ajenas at the presentation last night at Christabelle's Quarter restaurant in Miami. Principals' Mauricio Islas and Lorena Rojas walked the red carpet as well as veteran actors Catherine Siachoque (without husband Miguel Varoni), Ariel Lopez Padilla, Sonya Smith (without boyfriend Gabriel Porras who is in Colombia filming MADRE LUNA) and leyendary Lupita Ferrer, who showing off her legs. Some newcomers to look out for throughout this novela, Ximena Duque, Mariana Torres and both former MDO group members Pablo Portillo and Daniel Rene. And last Giovanna del Portillo, who is the daughter of Marissa del Portilo, co-host of Escandalo TV on the Telefutura network. Pecados Ajena is being filmed between Telemundo studios in Miami and a private residence in Palm Beach,

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