Monday, January 21, 2008

Eva Longoria now Eva Longoria Parker...ok!!!!

New year, new movie, new name. Eva Longoria now wants all her movie posters, interviews, and recognized as Eva Longoria Parker. The sweet Latina actress from Corpus Christi was in Miami promoting her new movie OVER HER DEAD BODY at a press junket the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami. During one of her interviews with Telemundo, Eva had a small blunder when asked if she would answer questions in Spanish. Eva's publicist told reporters that she would rather answer in english. Eva responded, "estoy embarasada" trying to say "I'm Embarassed". The reporter then told Eva "you're pregnant"..."No, No, No, I'm not pregnant" Eva claryfied. Gracias Eva for saying it straight.
(photo courtesy by
Netflix, Inc.