Friday, April 25, 2008

Time to make money again...JLO makin' some moves!!!

After having her twins, Marc is back on the road performing and JLO is back with a new reality show for the TLC network. Russian media is also reporting that Jennifer Lopez will be performing at an awards show sponsored by the Russian television channel Muz TV. Of course the family that works together stays together. The whole family crew Marc, Jennifer, Emme, and Max along with a crew of 25 more people will accompany the famous family as well as a long list of demands. The couple will stay at the Ritz Carlton and has demanded black towels, light hue furniture, assortment of crepes and caviar. Nice...No Vodka?
This is not the first time JLO makes the big money for the Russian's. Jennifer Lopez was paid a staggering $3 million to perform a 40 minute set at the birthday party of a Russian billionaire's wife. Banker Andrei Melnichenko, 35, paid for Lopez to fly from Los Angeles to his Berkshire, England estate to sing at the 30th birthday of his spouse Aleksandra.