Friday, April 18, 2008

World-Renowned Designer Custo Barcelona Enters the World of Interiors with Mexico's Capricho Residences

CUSTO BARCELONA, the international design house famous for dressing the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Shakira, Penelope Cruz and Taye Diggs has announced their entrance into the interior design industry with the upscale resort CAPRICHO RESIDENCES on the Mexican Caribbean. Custo's unique vision of mixing exquisite color with distinctive patterns will add a distinguishing aesthetic to this sophisticated property located on Playa Mujeres Resort. "Custo Barcelona is a chic, unique luxury brand perfectly paired with Capricho -- a chic, unique, luxury resort," says designer Custo Dalmau.

Custo Barcelona began their foray into fashion with elaborate one of a kind graphic T-shirts over 25 years ago. Today the brand has evolved into a global fashion statement sold in 35 countries with 42 company-owned stores and carried in over 3,000 retail stores around the world. Since its inception, the European company has branched out into a complete ready-to-wear collection for men and women, accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, footwear and a fragrance. Limited edition designs by Custo Barcelona include Perrier bottles and can, a customized Hummer, Motorola phone, and even a custom regatta sail for an Estrella Damm sailboat. Now for the first time, CUSTO BARCELONA will apply their creative thinking in a residential setting at one of the most talked-about projects in Mexico. "We've been working for the past five months on the interior of this beautiful property, located between a small lagoon of mangroves and the ocean," explains Custo Dalmau. "We have begun to capture a graphic concept using different kinds of indigenous wood."

Custo Barcelona's affiliation at Capricho will be apparent immediately upon arrival, when guests are greeted at the Cancun International airport in a Capricho by CUSTO car. As guests proceed to the property's main pool (residential groupings have their own private pools), they will stroll along "Barcelona-style" CUSTO floor design. The property's Beach Club will feature Custo elements such as an original mural at the entrance, CUSTO pool umbrellas, and a private Dining Room with textiles and interiors fashioned by the designer. All CUSTO murals within the property will be interpreted using natural elements such as stone, marble, woods and glass; paralleling the nature-inspired philosophy of Capricho. The spa at Capricho will feature a "dreamlike" circular mural by CUSTO on the ceiling of the indoor pool, exclusive design elements in the treatments rooms, and eco-friendly CUSTO Barcelona signature uniforms for the employees.

Custo Barcelona's greatest impact at Capricho will be in the property's 16-room Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. The designer will create six murals for the lobby as well as vibrant textiles and pillows for the sofas, carpets, and chairs. Four rooms in the hotel will be fully conceptualized by CUSTO; from the design of the bedding and various art works throughout the suites to bathroom amenities, CUSTO robes, and furniture pieces. All Custo elements will utilize eco-friendly materials. The boutique-hotel's restaurant will feature murals, textiles, and distinct table cloths for each meal, all designed by Custo Barcelona. Possibly the most important element of the Custo-Capricho affiliation will be an opportunity for owners at Capricho to choose a unique Custo interior package for their residences; making their unit a true designer home.

The partnership between one of the most individual and respected designers in the world, and one of the most unique and anticipated projects in Mexico has already created much excitement; Custo Dalmau will be making a special appearance later this month to unveil the CAPRICHO lounge at Conde Nast Traveler's annual Hot List Party -- one of the industry's most
highly-anticipated events of the year!