Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday America...Ugly Betty star turns 24!!!

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera turns 24 today. Yesterday the Latina actress visited Ellen, where she talked about all the free time she had during the writer’s strike. “I had all this time on my hands and watched alot of political shows on TV and that’s why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton for President.” Ellen jokingly also told America that she is a big star now and that she can’t be putting ads on Craigslist , “I was moving and I put my sofa up for sale and someone that came to my house to look at the sofa said ‘you look like Ugly Betty’.” America just responded as “yes my sister is, I’m Jennifer”.
Ellen not only offered to sale her used furniture on the show, buy gave her a custom, reversable poncho with the show’s logo as a gift. Nice!!!!