Monday, July 7, 2008

AROD STRIKES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankee slugger was able to break Micky Mantle's home run record, but struck out with his marriage with Cynthia Rigriguez. So many rumors that Lenny Kravitz is involved with AROD's wife and that Madonna is involved with Alex Rodriguez. We believe it's just a messy divorce that is clinging on to the pop stars names.

'There is absolutely no affair between Cynthia Rodriguez and myself,' Lenny tells US magazine, `It is unequivocally 100 percent not true. Cynthia is a friend and is [in Paris] with the godfather of her baby, who is also Alex's trainer, his wife and their baby girl. She came here to escape from everything happening in New York City. I opened my home to her as a friend and it's extremely hurtful that I am now being referred to as an adulterer.''

Meanwhile Madonna released a statement saying
I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study.

AROD has a 10 year contract worth $275 million. The couple has a $12 home in Coral Gables, FL and have 2 daughters, Natasha, 3, and Ella, who is 3 months old.
Last year Alex Rodriguez was seen leaving a Toronto strip club, which made headlines everywhere. This morning Cynthia and her lawyers filed for divorce in Miami-Dade County Courts.
In Court papers Cynthia is asking for:
-shared parental responsibility

-wife to be best guardian for the children

-wants the house and the AROD continues to maintain it

-alimony for wife and children

-standard of living clause that keeps Cynthia and kids in a lavish lifestyle

-equitable distribution of assets acquired during the marriage

-medical and life insurance

-luxury automobile for Cynthia

- any debt including attorney fees

-Court Filing Documents
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