Thursday, August 28, 2008

FREE GORKI!!: Jailed Cuban punk rocker to stand trial Friday

An outspoken critic of Fidel Castro and the communist government, punk rocker Gorki Aguil was jailed and is to stand trial tomorrow, Friday for "social dangerousness," which can put him behind bars for 4 years.
Gorki, 39, is the lead singer of the Cuban band Porno para Ricardo. The band is banned from official Cuban airwaves and just finished their latest album, which is being uploaded on the internet.

Ciro Diaz, guitarist for the band and plans on attending the trial, says"these kinds of trials are very biased. It's difficult for someone to be absolved...A lawyer can do very little because there's no evidence of criminal activity presented, only what the police say ".
Meanwhile the International music community is speaking out for Gorki through writer and novelist Zoe Valdes' blog:

Dear Zoé, please count me in, you know what I believe about abuses in general and agaisnt artist in particular...I don't have a computer here, I'm writing to you from my Blackberry...if you need to add my signature, I begged you sign on my behalf and if you need anything else from me, feel free to let me know. Mil besos, negrita, -Alejandro Sanz

With disgust I receive the news of detention of Gorki Águila...This makes me think that things don't change and just go backwards. I could only say that this be showcased of the enormous, frailed of those that have the power there and their fear towards freedom, something they're not and will never be. On behalf of myself and many Spaniards, ask that not only free our friend Gorki Águila put to gives us an explanation for his arrest. With all my support and solidarity with Gorki, his family and friends-Miguel Bosé