Tuesday, August 19, 2008

¿Qué Pasa, USA?--A Classic!

¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.? was America's first bilingual situation comedy, and the first sitcom to be produced for PBS. It was produced and taped in front of a live studio audience at PBS member station WPBT in Miami, Florida and aired on PBS member stations nationwide. The program explored the trials and tribulations faced by the Peñas, a Cuban-American family living in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, as they struggled to cope with a new country and a new language. The series was praised as being very true-to-life and accurately, if humorously, portraying the life and culture of Miami's Cuban-American population.

Super funny and eventhough it was filmed from 1977-1980, many of the shows themes keep current in Latino culture today. Watch out for famous faces such as Steven Bauer (Scarface, Thief of Heart) and also in one episode Andy Garcia (Ocean's 11, Godfather) made a guest appearance.

Check out full episodes at Generation ñ or get a taste of the show below.