Thursday, October 2, 2008

Activist blast Ricky Martin about his entry into fatherhood calling it a "Monstrosity"

At morning show ZONA CERO on 106.7 FM in Miami, Conservative Democratic activist Eladio Armesto, Jr. tells shock jock Javier Ceriani that Ricky Martin becoming a father via a surrogate is a "Monstrosity". Eladio went on to say about Ricky's twins that babies have

"the right to have a daddy and a mommy...a mother's hug is so important".
He continued saying,
"Ricky Martin is on an ego trip for being irresponsible, using this as human mascots or some consuming product".
Meanwhile Ricky hasn't comment on these allegations, he did tell People magazine,
"Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his life as a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of the public spotlight in order to spend time with his children."

We like to note Ricky is a longtime supporter of children's causes around the globe through his Ricky Martin Foundation.