Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finally It's Official: Myrka and Ulysses Over

We are a gossip and entertainment site, and by no means do we shy away from good stories and gossip, but when the domestic situation between Myrka and Ulysses happened we disagreed with them getting back together. Eventhough its the decision they made and really none of our business, but when domestic violence happens, people need to get involved.

It's a sad note. This is Myrka's third divorce. According to the exclusive reporting in People en Español magazine, Ulysses Alonso presented the divorce to a Coral Gables court. Court papers says that the marriage is "irreparably broken".

Following the divorce last Wednesday, Myrka called Coral Gables police saying that Ulysses Alonso was following her and her daughter Alexa. SEE COURT PAPERS AND READ MORE

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