Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scandal rocks Miami and the Catholic church

Padre Alberto, well now just Alberto Cutie, has been expelled from his duties with the Archdiocese of Miami and Paz communication, because he broke the law of the CHURCHHHHH!!!

We believe in commitment, if it's a marriage, to arm force duty, and even in religion. Sometimes traditions have to evolve to modern times. Padre Alberto did his duty with the risk of temptations of South Beach, where people come to party, nightlife, and of course, sex. Padre Alberto is a young, good looking guy with a celebrity status with a TV show, radio show, syndicated columns, and authored many self help books.

He cheated the church of his commitment and vows, but he is human and we live in a country of forgiveness. Padre Alberto is a great man and he'll come out stronger than ever from this, and maybe even to start the process of conversation on the subject.