Friday, May 8, 2009

Padre Alberto's Girlfriend is Ruhama Canellis

So who is the woman in the center of the biggest scandal so far of 2009? Her name is Ruhama Canellis.

According to recent reports and sources she is 35 years old, is of Greek and Guatemalan descent, was a producer at the Telemundo network, and that she is divorced.

We support Padre Alberto, but we are not 100% sure if this wasn't a set up and that the only one that got paid was the photographer. If the images were sold for $100,000 we believe TV Notas got a great deal because of all the publicity the magazine received.

TV Notas

On another note, we also got word that Padre Alberto was at a music showcase party at South Beach hotspot Santos during Billboard Latin week. Along with Scarface actor Steven Bauer, Padre Alberto, they were all hanging out at a table with TV Notas staff and owners. Deals cookin' and sometimes things don't look at what they're suppose to be.

In all respect, we still support Padre Alberto for being a vital part of the South Florida community, despite his failure and fall from grace. We're sure he'll be back stronger than ever!!!