Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally Rescued: Ingrid Betancourt finally freed...See what the stars say

"Ingrid! Welcome home, here we are all your friends.
We are all your brothers, your neighbors, your Colombia.
Your rescue is the antecedent of great changes for all our days to come. May God bless your freedom and that of all the kidnapped. Que viva Colombia!"

“This is a historic day for all of us, for this country that has suffered a lot, but today cries of happiness uniting us in an immense hug. Colombia today stands on its feet and looks to the future with the hope of peace that is nearing.”
Que viva Colombia!

"Sobre el rescate de Ingrid Betancourt y los demas secuestrados en Colombia:
"Momento sobrecogedor que clarifíca que queremos Uribe y Santos para rato.
Todos hemos llorado aqui de alegria con su liberación"